Erotic oil painter and animal painter Diana Achtzig

The series of her love couple paintings for singles as oil paintings on canvas is suitable for a living room, study, bedroom, hallways, corridors or vestibules. These oil paintings motivate the subconscious mind to achieve its goals for a happy couple relationship.

Vita oil painter Diana Achtzig

Wir sind mehr als ein nur ein Haufen Experten: Bei uns arbeiten kluge Köpfe als Freunde zusammen. Gemeinsam stecken wir viel Freude und Leidenschaft in unser Produkt, das zeichnet uns aus.

The art studies of the contemporary painter and sculptor Diana Achtzig she successfully completed at the University of the Arts Berlin (Hardenbergstraße 33, 10623 Berlin, Charlottenburg) with a university diploma in 1999. For years, the oil painter took further academic classes at the Academy of Visual Arts in Leipzig (Wächterstraße 11, 04107 Leipzig).

Art Collections: In the last three decades, since 1990, the abstract and figurative oil paintings, acrylic paintings, watercolors on paper and sculptural works from recycling and upcycling are represented in about 45 major art collections, relevant to art history and worldwide

In January 2023, a large exhibition is planned in the project space of the communal gallery Bethanien Mariannenplatz 2, 10997 Berlin.

In 2022, erotic painter Diana Achtzig was regularly presented by Bottega Barone Galerie, Lützowstraße 38, 10785 Berlin from 03.09.-30.09.22.

In 2021 the artist exhibited at the gallery erstererster - Raum für Kunst, Design und Neues Arbeiten (Pappelallee 69, 10437 Berlin-Prenzlauer) from 22. to 28 February 2021 exhibited. The title of the vernissage was: "Soul vitamin": as well as on the newspaper of the Berlin week: The journalist Dieter Haase wrote about the following exhibition in the gallery Stadtinsel Havelberg (Lange Straße 36, 39539 Havelberg) from 19.06. - 11.07.2021 at:
A solo exhibition of the animal painter take place 2021 in the gallery of the district center Biesdorf (Alt-Biesdorf 15, 12683 Berlin) from 24.07 - 05.09.2021 with the themes of digitization and inclusion (accessibility).
In November 2021 was the solo exhibition of the figurative oil painter in the Bottega Barone Gallery in Lützowstr. 38 in 10785 Berlin.

TV broadcasts and TV reports about Diana Achtzig: In the recent past there was both on 17.04.2020 a TV interview by the presenter Andreas Ulrich in the TV program "Zibb" of the RBB ( and on 24.04.2020 a TV report about the Achtzig Gallery by the presenter Rick Schütze in the TV station TV Berlin (

Solo exhibitions: The animal portrait painter as well as sculptor Diana Achtzig was exhibited with animal paintings under the title: "Young girls with their favorite animal" from 12.09.2018 to 09.01.2019 in a solo exhibition at the Degewo high-rise gallery Berlin (foyer in the Raoul-Wallenberg-Straße 40/42 in 12679 Berlin). Another solo show titled "Portraits - Merging of Animal and Human" took place in the same gallery from 13.01.2020 to 16.05.2020 with animal portraits as works on paper.

At are the two exhibitions in the Bottega Barone Gallery (Lützowstr. 38, 10785 Berlin). First, a group exhibition was held under the title: "Special Exhibition EROTICA" Diana Achtzig and Rocco Barone from 12.09.2020 - 26.09.2020. This was followed by a solo exhibition with "WOMAN'S ART EMOTIONS WOMAN'S ART EMOTIONS" Diana Achtzig, 03.10.2020 - 31.10.2020.

Public collections and solo exhibitions: In 2019, a very large significant solo exhibition as an animal painter ran in the public space of the BG Klinikum Unfallkrankenhaus Berlin at Warener Str. 7 in 12683 Berlin. On display were 54 paintings under the title: "Mythical fusion of man and animal - A tribute to Pablo Picasso". The exhibition period ran from 30.09.2019 to 03.01.2020. There was a purchase of a large main work through the collection of BG Hospital. The journalist and gallery owner Alexandra Barone wrote the following newspaper article about this in the Berliner Woche:

In 2019, another large solo exhibition in public space by the oil painter took place under the heading "30 years after the peaceful revolution and the fall of the Wall" ( Thematically, people who experienced the fall of the wall on November 9, 1989 with the collapse of the STASI and GDR, as well as the reunification on October 3, 1990, were taken up and depicted here. The curated exhibition was shown from 27.06.19 to 21.10.19 in the BStU field office Leipzig in the Stasi documents archive, in Dittrichring 24, in 04109 Leipzig.

The first gallery representation of the animal portrait oil painter Diana Achtzig took place in the Netherlands in the small gallery in Amsterdam (with the Dutch gallery owner Martin Meier, on 02.03.1990. A second gallery representation resulted in Berlin in 2009 in the Achtzig gallery for contemporary art (Brunnenstraße 150, 10115 Berlin). With this art gallery the animal oil painting artist was presented seven times to the art fair of the "Berlin List" (Kraftwerk Berlin, Köpenicker Straße 70, 10179 Berlin, as a portrait painter for animals. There she met the art collector Alessandro Abadetto who ran his gallery in Italy since 1974. This gallery owner for oil paintings invited the visual artist to his permanent gallery program of Alessandro Abadetto Gallery in 2009.

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Anton Van De Amoste

His passion is entirely art.
The abstract high-quality painted oil paintings on canvas by Anton Van De Amoste in this gallery in Berlin are for art sale! His art is reminiscent of image parts of the American Jackson Pollock's and his Action Paintings or Keith Haring. Similarities to the expressionist figures of the French artist Niki de Saint Phalle can also be identified.
In the private house of the art collector Steinbach a non-public vernissage with a longer art exhibition over two months with invited art collectors* was organized in Zurich for the twelfth time on July 17, 2021. These private sales exhibitions for oil paintings started in 2018 in Switzerland.
A Swiss private bank organizes very similar art evens. For this purpose, the studied oil painter made unique non-representational oil paintings with fish.
The press articles about this oil painter can be found at: and and 

Oil painting painter Ashley Grik

This oil painter for hand painted oil paintings is experienced in dealing with galleries in Berlin, their international art exhibitions and painting oil paintings on canvas. The studied artist of the UdK Berlin is reliable as well as focused on outstanding painterly results and appreciates working with great art collectors*. Her reading on painting oil paintings on canvas addresses the issues of personal development, self-realization, personal growth, resilience and consciousness development.
The press articles about this artist can be found at: and and

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Interpreting the artworks of Diana Achtzig


1. Girl pictures - Interpreting the works of Diana Achtzig: 

The content is love and relationship in people’s 

lives. The Pablo Picasso inspired artist is concerned with careful 

handling just as a couple is with one another.  An everyday 

relationship blossom like a precious plant.  No evaluating and no stress. The day-to-day reality  should not be able to 

destroy the relationships of the lovers. At the age of 4  Diana Achtzig already took to copying the works of Cubist artist Pablo Picasso. Picasso belongs to the Classical Modernist movement of the avante-garde in France. 

2. GDR and STASI pictures: Concept 

The artist Diana Achtzig had spent years studying  privately  at the ‘’Neue Leipziger Schule’’ with renown artists such as Alex Bär who in turn  studied with Arno Rink at the Academy of Fine Arts in Leipzig.  She completed her Diploma  at the University of Arts in Berlin in 1999. 


30 years after the peaceful revolution and the fall of the Wall. 


Diana Achtzig  paints scenic pictures about the flight of GDR citizens to the West, the dictatorship of the GDR, the Stasi, the Peaceful Revolution, the fall of the Berlin Wall and re-uniting of Germany in October 1990. In the period from June 27, 2019 until October20, 2019, on the occasion of the historic anniversary of October 9, 1989 Revolution,  the Berlin artist Diana Achtzig  is presenting her pictures in Leipzig. Since 1974  the artist paints GDR images over and over again, picking up on personal STASI fates and social processes. 

‘’In the paintings, as an East Berliner, I processed my traumatic experiences of the SED regime and the Stasi terrorism’’ says the artist. The vernissage of the solo exhibition will open on June 27, 2019 at 6pm. In her pictures, Diana captures eighty poignant moments of German history in unique situations for posterity. ’’Since the beginning of my artistic work, I have dealt with individual destinies that have been carried along by the stream of history. I am interested in the biographies of people living in this dictatorial and ideological time.  Within this historical background, I chose certain protagonists and places that I unrevealed  in my pictures,  just as the former GDR citizens had to experience it themselves through the inhumane dictatorship. The liberation from the shackles of the dictatorship and the atrocities of the Stasi play an essential role. A large number of my pictures are aimed at a life-affirming attitude full of promise for a new, better future in a democratic state.’’ 


Achtzig’s paintings reference to the works of artists such as Julian Schnabel and Georg Baselitz and are to be assigned to the modern art movement known as the ‘’Berliner Schule.’’ In this kind of painting, the poetry of the moment becomes the focus of artistic creation as it attempts to see and interpret the past within a new perspective. For the Leipzig  people’s movement, October 9, 1989  is the most important day of their independent liberation from the SED dictatorship and Stasi rule, never knowing  how this peaceful revolution would  afterwards affect world history. This peaceful revolution would have been unthinkable without the Protestant churches in Leipzig.  The Protestant Church made it possible for the people in this exclusively atheistic country  to find their way into the streets with candles in their hands in order to overthrow the GDR dictatorship. Especially here at the ‘’Round Corner’’ where this exhibition will take place, was a culmination point of the street marches taking place every Monday. On the entrance stairs the burning candles were placed to symbolize hope and peace. Every year in the Nikolai Church which was the central location of the peace movement a big ceremony takes place leading the way to the subsequent city festival. This is a special kind of holiday. 


3. Pictures after Pablo Picasso: Concept 


Pablo Picasso also stands for eroticism. For a long time gallery owners and art connoisseurs had described the erotic works of Picasso as morbid and dirty. In his works  the artist only reflected upon the everyday life of that time to which brothels also belonged, especially in the Paris of the time. Eroticism and the confrontation with today’s society - these are also topics Diana Achtzig deals with. 


‘’Pablo Picasso’s works  not only shower with eroticism, they also show the social upheaval of the time’’,  explains Diana Achtzig.  The Berlin artist is the curator of the exhibition’’Woman’s  Art’’ and also presents her new series of pictures as homage  to Pablo Picasso.  

Inspired by the works of Pablo Picasso, she painted her own designs on canvas at the early age of 4. The works show her role as a woman in society, combined with the eroticism that Picasso conveys in his pictures: